Are You Crazy?

The dictionary defines crazy as mentally deranged.

I argue there are two ways to look at crazy: the way you look at yourself and the way others look at you.

Who gets to decide what is and isn’t mentally deranged? It depends on who’s opinions you value.

Do you value your own opinion? Or do you value the opinion from the guy in the white coat?

Don’t be offended when you believe crazy is a bad quality because everyone’s crazy in their own way.

Everyone has their ups and downs and ins and outs. Mental patterns and moods aren’t fluid, they’re confusing and always fluctuating. At the end of the day, we’re all suffering. Suffering from lack of love or too much love. Suffering from indigestion or isolation. Suffering from diets and picking up your pets poo. Suffering is the human condition and its all a matter of perspective.

You could say suffering is crazy, but in reality it’s just the nature of life.

Call me crazy, or call yourself crazy. We’re all simply brothers and sisters trying to navigate life’s journey. Take your perspective and let that guide you through the choices, pitfalls, celebrations, setbacks, and good times with joy, laughter and a few tears.

Celebrate your crazy and never think you’re any less than awesome.