Beware of Your Heart’s Longing

Dear friend,

Your heart knows what it wants. If you can’t hear it, close your eyes and listen.

The longing appears in words and images. It leads you toward your dreams. When you don’t acknowledge the longing, you shut down your spirit.

Allow your spirit to roam free for a few minutes, you never know where your spirit will take you.

Beware because your heart’s longing always has a message to share with you. Positive, negative, or neutral. In any scenario, don’t be quick to act. Listen and ruminate on the message for two, three or ten days.

After a while, you’ll strengthen your intuition. Your heart’s longing will either tell you yes or no – at which point you’ll know whether or not to follow your heart.

Your heart is a sacred, living, breathing creature. Make sure to feed it food when it asks to be fed.

If it wants chocolate, by gosh darn, give the damn fool some chocolate.

Your partner in crime,


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