Cheer Up Buttercup

Dear friend,

Times are hard, and it seems like they aren’t getting any better.

The fires in California.

The shootings in Las Vegas.

The polar bears are decreasing in population.

My 94-year old grandma recently had a heart attack… we don’t know the prognosis.

You have hardships, and I stand by you.

It’s easy to dwell in sadness and fear… it’s natural to feel this way.

Trust there’s at least one person who feels the way you feel, even when it doesn’t seem bright.

It’s easy to point fingers and play the blame game, but that doesn’t do us any good.

What if we played a different game?

A game that challenges the status quo.

A game that chooses positivity over negativity.

A game that spins the situation for the better.

Today, let’s play the gratitude game. Let’s play this game, that 99% of the world is choosing not to play. Let’s be different.

Let’s be grateful for the small blessings:

The breath that enters and exits the nostrils.

The fresh air that touches your face in the morning.

The smile from a stranger.

When life seems too big to handle, I urge you to simplify. Simplify the burdens and allow the small instances of gratitude to fill up your heart with every in-breath and out-breath.

Just relax. Don’t think too much.

A friend asked me the other day, “Is it going to be alright?”

My answer, “Yes.”

I don’t have all the answers, but think about how small you and I are. Look up at the sky (beyond the grey if it’s cloudy). Imagine yourself looking down on the earth and realizing how small we are. Practically like ants, little itty-bitty bugs.

Using your imagination, the problems seem to ease and dissipate. They soften around the once-rough edges.

When all else fails, recite a prayer in silence. Close your eyes and think about the bright light that shines within.

Let that light radiate outward in every encounter.

These small energetic acts make our everyday existence bearable, if not beautiful.

I inspire you to transform bad energy into an opportunity. An opportunity to choose life. An opportunity to choose happiness. An opportunity to choose yourself.

From my heart to yours, I bow down to you.

Your friend,


PS – What’s going on in your world? Comment below and feel free to say “hello.” Can’t wait to hear from you.