Life is What Happens When You’re Not On Facebook or Instagram

The other day, a fellow classmate came up to me at the yoga studio. After some small talk, he praised my latest Facebook post in which I shared an honest narrative about an anxiety attack I had last year. The post ended with the lessons I learned and how my life has changed for the better… another optimistic, self indulgent social media post.


I appreciated my classmate’s praise, but I decided to let my guard down and share an opinion about social media: “Do you realize we only post the good stuff? Posts about overcoming adversity, the most incredible dessert we ate last night, or pictures of the gorgeous sunset? Yet, the remaining 50% of our lives go without being noticed.” My classmate agreed and said, “Yes, that’s very true. You’re so right.”


You see, life is what happens when you’re not looking at other people’s posts on social media and when you’re not posting pictures and status updates.


It’s nice to share our accomplishments and personal moments with those we care about, but there’s nothing more beautiful or sacred than the lives we have when we’re not on our smartphones and computers.


Social media posts take us away from the present moment and into other people’s reality. This can bring up feelings of envy and discontentment. When this happens, what happens to you? You start to live in your head. You enter an alternate fantasy reality which doesn’t actually exist right in front of you.


What can you do instead? Put down your cell phone, look around, and ask yourself, “What do I notice?”


That’s your universe.


This is the present moment.


This is life.


Stop enjoying other people’s lives and enjoy your own.

  • Keep up the great work Max :)

  • Hey Boone, thanks for reading!