3 Prompts To Inspire More Love, Clarity and Confidence in Yourself

I recently watched Kathy Caprino’s Brave Up TEDx Talk and felt inspired to follow her three writing prompts.

Below you’ll find the three prompts along with my answers.

Wanna join me?

Go ahead… grab a journal, set aside 30 minutes and write down the answers yourself.

I guarantee you’ll feel more love, clarity and confidence within your heart and soul.

Prompt 1: Write Down Everything That Makes You Who You Are

Max’s answers

  • I am sensitive and a deep thinker
  • I feel best and in flow when I’m creating something and being of service
  • My smile and enthusiasm is seen in 80% of my interactions
  • I love to learn, read and write
  • I love sharing knowledge, especially when its physical (yoga, tap, and movement)
  • I have an enthusiastic and powerful speaking voice
  • I’m a really good friend
  • I take my mental and emotional health seriously
  • I care about what other people think
  • I am loving
  • When I have the means, I love to give
  • When I don’t have the means, I still think of ways to give
  • I love stillness and quiet time
  • I love being in good company
  • I love good food
  • I’m really good at thinking out of the box
  • I’m good at making others feel better when they’re in crisis
  • I’m great at marketing and selling
  • I tend to withdraw and take long breaks when I need to think so I can come back in front of others with more clarity
  • I don’t like arguments
  • I care about the environment and animals
  • I feel fresh and alive when I’m in nature
  • I love speaking and feeling confident
  • I love personal development
  • I love to share personal development
  • I wear my heart on my shoulders

Prompt 2: What Came Easily To You as a Kid

Max’s answers

  • Theatre, acting and improv
  • Cooking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Performing and being on stage
  • Laughing and making jokes
  • Dancing
  • Running
  • Writing poetry
  • Consoling friends
  • Stage managing
  • Packing, organizing and doing laundry
  • Algebra
  • Being friendly and polite to people… always saying thank you
  • Comedic timing
  • Love

Prompt 3: Write Down 20 Facts About What You’ve Done and Why It’s Important

Max’s answers

  1. I became a certified yoga instructor. This is important because it gave me a vocabulary and method to teach a class, and help others relieve stress.
  2. I taught myself how to build WordPress websites and market brands online. This is important because it helps others get their businesses online to make money for themselves, their families, and do for customers through positive products and services.
  3. I became a Huffington Post columnist and wrote several popular articles for gay men around the world. This is important because there are many men suffering from loneliness, isolation and depression and my writing served as an advocate to show them that they’re not alone and people like me care.
  4. I spoke at Godaddy United in Scottsdale, Arizona about positive psychology and mindfulness. This is important because many people, especially in modern day workforces, aren’t taught very basic self-care and happiness skills to help them feel better, give them hope and use practical tools to set and achieve goals. This is also important because it shows that I can promote myself and my brand authentically and get paid for it.
  5. I graduated from UNLV with a degree in psychology. This is important because having a college degree takes time, energy and dedication to complete. This is also important because people take me more seriously in the job market and know that I can think critically and understand people well.
  6. I overcame bipolar disorder and understand how to take care of myself in order to reduce the likelihood of having another manic episode. This is important because my mental health, happiness, and stability allows me to feel good, be successful in all areas of my life and contribute to society in a healthy way. It’s allowed me to figure out how to best take care of myself.
  7. I launched a coaching brand online. This is important because I’ve been able to teach and motivate people all over the world about social skills and how to feel confident in their own skin
  8. I moved to a new city after college with no money or job. This is important because I was able to leave my dad’s house to become independent and figure out how to support myself all on my own.
  9. I acted and performed in many professional theatre productions like Cats, Spamalot, White Christmas, Rocky Horror, etc. This is important because it entertained people, got people to think, and sometimes take action (ie – the Laramie Project).
  10. I’ve lived in 5 different cities. This is important because it means I’m adaptable and open to change
  11. I wrote an ebook about happiness. This is important because not everyone is always happy and there are tools that people need to know about to reduce suffering and feel better about themselves
  12. I went to and graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy – a pre-professional arts boarding school. This is important because it taught me to be disciplined, studious, curious, creative, and motivated at a young age. This has served me well as a young adult.
  13. When I was a kid, I volunteered at a senior home for the aged. This is important because old people enjoyed my company and didn’t get to spend time with many people outside of the senior home.
  14. In my first job out of college, I started as an intern and was promoted to a senior role within 3 years. This is important because I played an important role in developing a new business in a fragmented industry.
  15. I’ve traveled internationally to New Zealand, Tahiti, Israel, London, France, Italy, Thailand, and India. This is important because it’s given me a worldly perspective and I’ve witnessed how other cultures live and act.
  16. I pitched an app at Portland Start-Up Weekend and worked on the Minimum Viable Product, design and customer validation over the course of 72 hours. This is important because it demonstrates my ability to take a risk, put myself out there with a new idea and lead a team to create something out of nothing.
  17. I’ve gone skydiving. This is important because I’m open to taking risks, going on adventures and trying scary, thrilling experiences.
  18. I’ve run two half-marathons. This is important because it showed that I’m able to set a goal and accomplish it. The goal was challenging, healthy and fun.
  19. I learned positive psychology, meditation, nonviolent communication, and body language. This is important because these skills have made me healthier and more empathetic.
  20. I quit my full-time job to become a freelancer. This is important because I’ve learned how to support myself outside of a traditional corporate work setting.
  • Hey Max! I love that you jumped right on this, and took the time to answer these questions deeply! Wonderful, and thank you! Now I’d love to ask you this – what do you want to do differently now, given what you know about yourself? What do your answers above propel you to do now? Can’t wait to see.

  • Hey Kathy…It’s really interesting. I look back at my answers and I see a trend in performing, speaking, teaching and being the facilitator of change in other people. I believe I’m on the right track in doing so outside of the traditional acting and theatre venue which I grew to dislike a few years ago… but I think I can amplify the “what” of what comes easily to me. For 2017, I set a goal for myself to do a minimum of 12 keynotes and/or trainings in mindfulness and positive psychology in corporate settings. I’m working with a really cool thought leader right now (Angelique Rewers) who’s guiding me on the biz dev side of it which I find fun and very challenging :-) I know it’ll be super rewarding as I get out there and have more opportunities to be in front of others. As always, I have an abundance of gratitude for everything YOU do and inspire me and others to do/create in the world :-) Thank YOU, Kathy.

  • Wow! This sounds fantastic, Max. One thing I know without doubt – the world NEEDS your talents and gifts, for sure. Can’t wait to hear how your 12 keynotes and trainings go! Please keep me posted, and Happy 2017!