I scooped ice cream in Las Vegas…

It’s true!

Want more fun facts about Max?

When I was 14, I went to a performing arts boarding school called Idyllwild Arts Academy near Los Angeles, California.

Here’s a picture of me and a friend in high school:

I pursued my passion for musical theater with my friends (mostly girls at the time, haha!).

I danced. I sang, and I acted.

This is me in the Mystery of Edwin Drood (sorry! I couldn’t help myself – I’m the guy in the middle with the pony…off to the races! Hehe):

I was so good at acting that I pretended to be heterosexual.

During breaks at home, I’d hang out with my mom and dad (depending on which parent I visited since they divorced when I was 12), and I was too scared to tell them.

I didn’t want them to reject me.

I used the heterosexual mask to hide my fear and shame for being gay.

When I was eighteen years old, I took the mask off.

It’s been a healing journey since and it hasn’t been easy, but now I get to inspire gay men all over the world from the comfort of my apartment.

My roommate sells candles on Etsy and I make Youtube Videos on mindfulness from my kitchen table (I know, we’re artsy fartsy):

Connecting with you brings me so much joy.

I never intended to get into positive psychology, human potential, and mindfulness. It just happened.

Probably because I was ashamed for so long.

Practicing positive psychology and mindfulness has allowed me to dream big again, heal past hurts, laugh out loud and love again.

It feels so good.

If you missed yesterday’s masterclass. That’s ok!

Here’s the replay of the Mighty Mental Empowerment Masterclass in case you missed it.

*The replay is available to watch until 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time. It’ll go away afterward.

Make sure you download and print out the worksheet.

Studies show you’re more likely to take action on your desires when you put pen to paper.

In the class, I share a personal story that I’ve never spoken about.

Honestly, I got choked up but I knew you might want to hear. Here’s a preview of the story I tell:

I was drugged up on a cocktail of medications after I came out of the closet. It was hard turning my life around, but I feel like I finally have a mighty mental mindset that can help me get through almost anything.

This story is my gift to you because you inspire me. You are radiant.

I mean that from the bottom of my healing heart.

Ten years later, I’m happy to laugh out loud and love again with my friends and adopted family in Portland, Oregon (eye spy, Max!).

My friends inspire me, and yes, you’re my friend too even if we haven’t met face to face yet.

But that can change in 2017.

We can meet face to face!

This isn’t a joke. You and I can see each other. Interested?

Register for the inaugural Mighty Mental Empowerment Group Coaching Program.

Registration closes on December 31st at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.

I’d love to hang out with you. Will you join me?

Your friend,


PS – Happy almost, new year :)

PPS – Ready to rock down the house in 2017?! The inaugural Mighty Empowerment Group Coaching Program is officially open for registration and I close the door on December 31st, 2016.

PS Note: I’m not a doctor and I don’t pretend to be one. If you have a serious condition that requires mental health attention and support, please find the best support you need at this time. You can click this link and type in “Crisis Hotline + the name of your current location or town”). Thank you.

PPS: If you’re unable to join us, please consider pre-ordering my friend Vanessa Van Edward’s upcoming hit, Captivate. It’s going to take the world by storm.

PPPS: My dear friend Ron isn’t feeling well and he needs help. Can you please help him feel better? It would mean the world to our community. Your friend, Max