Simple reminders that you’re not alone and everything’s ok

Suffering comes in all shapes and sizes, just like clothing.

Childhood trauma can linger into adulthood. Suffering can still occur 20 years later.

The bruise on his shins stings as water trickles down the leg.

He thinks about breaking up with boyfriend and remembers he’ll be alone.

We think she’ll live to see tomorrow then she passes suddenly and we never saw it coming.

Death, loss, love, and unmet expectations. These four experiences create suffering.

In the midst of suffering, you think you’re alone.

You’re the only person experiencing sadness, and I’m the only person who feels sad.

Little do you know, it’s the thoughts that create suffering.

If we removed thoughts of suffering from your head, you’d simply just exist without pain.

Even though suffering is inevitable, it’s the birthplace for a new level of consciousness.

Before suffering, you didn’t predict painful feelings would arise.

During suffering, you believe the pain will never go away.

After suffering, you realized you’re strong and powerful.

I don’t wish anyone suffers. You shouldn’t wish anyone suffers. You and I just need to understand that other people suffer. When we understand this fact, we discover we’re not alone.

Here’s a simple reminder: you and I are not alone.

Suffering is ok. You suffered to exit your mother’s womb. You suffered when you fell down trying to take your first steps. You suffered every time you cried as a baby. You suffered when you didn’t want to eat vegetables. You suffered when your mom said, “no.” You suffered when you fell down trying to ride a bike. You suffered when you received a poor grade in school. You suffered when your first love was taken by someone else. You suffered rereading all of these moments when you suffered.

Suffering is part of life.

Everyone suffers.

Now ask: “How do I transform suffering into conscious understanding?”

In conscious understanding, you realize suffering is impermanent. Suffering doesn’t last forever. Suffering comes and goes just like clouds passing above in the sky on a sunny day.

When suffering disappears, you remember what you endured. You now know how to move through similar suffering with grace, empathy and self-love the next time it occurs.

Realizing suffering exists in all forms, you know how to meet suffering like a good friend. You welcome her at the door, let her inside and trust she’ll leave eventually. Nobody stays in a home forever.

Simple reminder: Everything is ok.