Spend with mindfulness during the holidays

Spend with mindfulness during the holidays

She goes into the store and drops $397 on a pair of new earrings.

Then she spends another few hundred on new cooking wear.

Wait… she forgot about the kids. Toys, toys, and more toys flood the shopping cart.

Do you shop out of habit, cultural obligation, desire, or mindfulness during the holiday?

There’s no right answer. This isn’t a pass or fail test.

I’d venture to guess most of us shop out of habit, cultural obligation, and desire during the holiday season.

Commercials beg for your credit card and hard earned cash. Manipulation and sales tactics easily slip by your common sense, especially when there’re many people on the gift-giving list. This can leave a sour rumble in the belly after a few swipes of your favorite platinum card.

To feel calmer, clearer and balanced without the belly rumbles, you can shop with mindfulness.

When you shop with mindfulness, you take back your power.

You become the circus tamer of your emotions and mental energy.

You don’t let emotions and extraneous mental energy tame you.

Before you shop, perform the 3 point-triangular breath. Repeat this before you make any purchase.

The 3 point-triangular breath works like this:

Use your pointer finger to paint an imaginary triangle in the air.

Starting at the bottom left point of the triangle, take a deep inhale.

Exhale and move the finger sideways to the bottom right point of the triangle.

Take a deep inhale and then exhale as you move your finger to the top point of the triangle.

Keep following this pattern until you return to the bottom left point of the triangle.

This should take you approximately 18 seconds. 6 seconds for each breath. 3 seconds for the inhale and 3 seconds for the exhale.

This breathing exercise calms the limbic system in your brain.

The limbic system is responsible for motivation, emotion, learning, and memory.

As you calm your limbic system, you clear the mind and body.

You create a state of balance and equilibrium.

At this point, ask yourself three questions:

  • Why do I need to make this purchase?
  • Will this gift give my recipient joy?
  • How will I feel after I buy this?

Instead of rushing through the busy-ness of buying, now you’re shopping with mindfulness.

This might be the best gift you buy yourself this holiday season.

Plus, it doesn’t cost you a penny.