Take a Risk

Can I share a dirty secret with you? I don’t always follow my own advice.

I tend to stay in my comfort zone. It’s easy, safe and warm, especially during the winter time!

Most people like to stay in their comfort zone because it’s familiar and minimizes risk.

On the other side of our comfort zone is a risk, and the end result could be amazing! You could land a new job, you could fall in love, you could make your dreams a reality.

A few questions to consider:

What is your comfort zone?

What’s outside of your comfort zone?

What would happen if you left your comfort zone?

What risk would you have to take to make your dreams come true?

What are your dreams?

These are questions most people are scared to answer. We use words like “but”, “I can’t” and “it’s too hard.”

What if you fall flat on your face?

What if you a bunch of people heckles at you?

Getting outside of your comfort zone simply requires one action: making a decision.

What decision do you have to take to make your dreams a reality? What’s holding you back?

I know, lots of questions… but they’re all worth considering to create a quality, fulfilling life.

Your partner in crime,