The Urge to Change

‘Tis the fall season. The leaves change colors and fall off the trees.

It’s natural to change. Shirts. Cities. Jobs. Underwear. Friends.

Where one changes, one stretches and grows.

Change is uncomfortable. It requires energy and flexibility.

When you want to change, let it flow naturally. Don’t ever force change, other people may get upset.

Change happens in short spurts. It rarely stays consistent when done all at once.

You may want to change in an instant. An urge pulls you in a certain direction. I challenge you to let change occur without pressure. Soften the edges of your emotions and urges to see what happens. A new voice may appear and change the direction.

The leaves continue to fall and the seasons repeat its cycle every year.

You’re right where you’re supposed to be at the moment.

Trust the process and enjoy the soft breeze.