How To Turn Loneliness into Love Over the Holidays

My heart is heavy.

I’ve got people writing to me from all over the world sharing their pains, sorrows, and woes.

The holidays can get us down, I know.

The struggle is real.

Family drama, loneliness and feeling like the world is weighing down on your shoulders. I get it, trust me. I feel this too from time to time. You and I are human and we shouldn’t pretend to be anything different.

We make mistakes sometimes.

When we get down on ourselves, we believe we have to be different than what we’re experiencing.

Feeling sad? You’re probably feeling guilty for not feeling happy.

Feeling happy? You’re probably feeling guilty when other people feel sad.

Feeling angry? You’re probably hating the crap that’s bubbled to the surface.

We all get low from time to time.

Instead of pulling out some psychology backed research tip today, I want to keep riding the spiritually woo-woo train with you for a bit.

Is that okay?

I want you to close your eyes for 60 seconds today to focus on the love in your heart.

Trust me, even if you don’t think there’s any love. It’s there.

The love you feel within you can be found if you simply take a few deep inhales and exhales and focus on how love shows up in your mind, your body and your heart. Love starts from within.

Love starts from within.

I use a practice called meta-meditation. This means you use your senses to source love from within. Then you mentally send love to all beings outside of yourself.

All beings include people, animals, insects and every other living organism on the face of the planet. Even the people you don’t like or agree with. Practice sending love to them.

  • Send love to all beings you live with.
  • Send love to all beings also live on your block.
  • Send love to all beings who live in your neighborhood.
  • Send love to all beings who love in your city.
  • Send love to all beings who live in your state.
  • Send love to all beings who live in your corner of the country.
  • Send love to all beings who live in your country.
  • Send love to all beings who live on your continent.
  • Send love to all beings who live in the world.
  • Send love to all beings in the universe.

Love is generated. Love is created. Love starts within you.

When our minds move in harmony with love – through forgiveness or prayer or the simplest tender thought – then mountains move and the universe shifts. – Marianne Williamson

I believe love is created in the present moment.

If love wasn’t present in the past, it’s available right now. You don’t need to look any further than yourself.

If love doesn’t seem possible in the future, remember you can create it right now.

You don’t need anyone to create love for you.

You can create love yourself.

It’s here, right now.

Just observe.