What Are Your Blobs

Dear friend,

As part of my self-care, I attend therapy every week. I’m not afraid to share this.

Therapy is a GODSEND. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.

The type of therapy I’m in is called M.E.T.A., which stands for Mindfulness Experiential Therapeutic Approaches. It also uses an approach called Hakomi which is a mind/body-centered therapy.

The therapist and I sit down every session and we focus on what’s going on inside when I think about certain people, events, and circumstances. We go deep and discuss the emotions and body sensations that arise.

I’ve been doing this for about six weeks already and the insights have been profound that I need to share this with you.

In my last session, we talked about feeling inferior and less than other people. In my own life, I can find myself feeling inferior to people I work with because I don’t think I perform as well as them. This blows out my self-esteem quite frankly.

In about 25 minutes of using the Hakomi method, I found my mind and body begin to transform. What I once found myself feeling inferior, I began to see my value clearly and consistently. The value and the wholeness that I bring to the table.

For those of you that have seen the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know,” (if you haven’t I highly recommend it), I imagined two blobs in my brain: one green blob and one red blob. Silly, I know… but bear with me.

The green blob represented my value and self-worth.

The red blob represented my inferiority. By the way, I made up a word during my last therapy session. I said “inferior-ness” because I was too dumb to remember the correct word inferior. Ha!

As my therapist led me through our process, the green blob melted into my body as if it were taking over my blood while the potato-sized red blob stayed in my brain dancing by himself.

You see, the red blob may never go away (the inferior part of yourself) and that’s ok. But you can choose to ignore the dark sides of yourself through practice and conscious effort.

Once you acknowledge your value and let that soak up your entire being, it’ll feel amazing.

Your blobs can be different. Maybe the red one stands for feeling stupid, not good enough, less than, etc. Maybe the green blob stands for awesomeness, brilliance, gorgeous, talented, wise, super-star.

I encourage you to make friends with your blobs and see what they say to you.

You never know what you may learn about yourself.

Comment on the blog to share what you think! What are your blobs?