What are your failures?

Howdy friend,

2017 came and went, didn’t it?

Looking from the inside out, I felt like one big failure and made lots of mistakes.

According to others, looking from the outside in, it seems like I made some big strides.

I don’t like to brag, so I’ll share my failures and what you can learn from them.

Failure #1

I ate my roommate’s cake.

Let me explain. I was depressed. I was hungry. I rarely buy and store sweets, but I really wanted to eat the cake in the fridge.

As a result, my roommate and I didn’t talk for a few weeks. She was angry with me and for good reasons.

I should’ve known better than to take something that isn’t mine. I apologized but still felt resentment after a few weeks have passed.

Lessons learned?

Don’t eat other people’s cake. Buy your own cake if you really have a sweet tooth.

Failure #2

I slept too much.

Yes, I was depressed. I laid in bed a lot and closed my eyes, wishing time would just fly by. I didn’t want to hang out with friends or work on my blog. Yes, that’s why you didn’t hear from me for a while.

Was it really depression? Was it my medication? Was it lack of motivation, resources, and happiness? Was the cake laced with sleep-inducing magical chemicals?

I don’t have a precise answer, but it probably was a combination of all of the above.

Failure #3

I spent too much time thinking about my body image and weight. My sister is getting married next year and I really want to look good in her wedding photos (I kept thinking to myself).

I stopped looking at myself in the mirror and saying positive, kind things to myself.

I felt like a big, fat unattractive blob. I still do and its a big mistake.

What should I do instead?

Be kinder. Surrender. Eat well. Exercise well. Love myself unconditionally. Its a work in progress, but we’re all trying. Keep trying, even when we fail.

Failure #4

I sold my body for drugs and money.

Just kidding. This is my blog and can write whatever I want (bwaa-haa-haa). Please unsubscribe if you hate this joke. Email me back or comment on the blog if you love it.

Failure #5

I hooked up with someone and didn’t take home the box of condoms I had just spent $20 on.

This isn’t a joke.

Failure #6

I didn’t take many risks in 2017 and thus my life stayed pretty dull and sedentary.

I recommend taking many risks in life. Calculated and emotionally driven risks make life more exciting, fun and joyful.

I’m taking a BIG risk in 2018. Will you join me for the ride?

I’m moving to New York City!

This has always been a dream of mine since I was ten years old.

I have no idea how my life will unfold as I move across the country, but I’m hoping great things will happen.

Maybe I’ll meet my soul mate.

Maybe I’ll land a job I love.

Maybe I’ll figure out how to make this blog explode.

Maybe I’ll get run over by a taxi (or an Uber).

Maybe I’ll love myself just as I am.

Through all of our failures, trials, and tribulations, we stretch and grow. We learn things about ourselves that we never thought were true before. We become more self-actualized.

What are your failures?

I’d love to hear them.

Write me back or comment on the blog.

Your partner in crime,


PS – Failures come in all forms: sex, cake, drugs, money, love, fame, etc. What are yours?