You Are Whole

Hey friend,

Did I get your attention?


I don’t mean to be brash, I simply want to share what’s going on in the land of Max because you’ve been a wonderful and loyal follower in the past.

A few quick updates about my adventures:

  • I took a break from writing these emails to focus on my mental health. I’m feeling significantly better!
  • I officially call myself a minimalist. What does this mean? I try to own as little as possible. Here’s some inspiration if you want to be one too.
  • I’m currently working for a local newspaper in Portland, Oregon.

What about you? What adventures are you on?

Before you and I go about our day, I want to share something that’s on my mind.

It’s a thought about personal development, motivation, and success… topics I’ve written about in the past.

In this moment, I think it’s all baloney.


Because you’re already perfect just the way you are.

Most “gurus” treat vulnerable people like us as if we’re not complete until we reach a certain amount of success.

What if I told you “you don’t have to work any harder”?

What if I told you “you don’t need to work on yourself”?

What if I told you “you don’t need to be perfect”?

How do you feel in this moment simply asking yourself those questions?

Lighter? Loving? Compassionate? Simple?

This doesn’t mean we stop working toward goals. It means we work on projects and goals with compassion, love, and a positive spirit.

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I don’t have an official set schedule for writing, but I definitely want to keep in touch with you.

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As we part ways, I want you to remember you’re whole just the way you are at this moment. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Your partner in crime,


PS – It’s great to be in touch again! Comment and say hello, I’d love to hear from you.