How to Get Noticed and Stop Feeling Invisible

The other day, I was driving with a buddy and she told me about how challenging it is to find an apartment and get a job. Spending hours upon hours responding to ads on Craigslist, she came across an ad recommending not to view the apartment if you’re over 5’10”. Even though my buddy stands at 5’6″, she exclaimed “This is all so weird! I feel ignored!”


I agree. Its easy to get lost in all the noise and feel ignored. Have you ever felt ignored or invisible? Like no one can see you or understand your thoughts?


What does it take to get noticed by other people? How can you stand out to get other people’s attention?


I decided to dig deep and get some answers because I find these questions fascinating and I’m just a plain social skills nerd. I also want to support you so you can get noticed and capture people’s attention!


But first! Let me ask you: Why do you need to get noticed?


Getting noticed by other people opens you up to opportunities and experiences you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. When you meet people in new social settings, people draw conclusions about you, your character, your talent, and your value within seconds!


When people take notice of you, they may want to get to know you better. Sometimes they want to share their time and knowledge with you.


When people take notice of how AWESOME you are, they may even invite you into their social circle or pay you to work for them. You could even land your dream job or build a great friendship by getting noticed.


You want to get noticed now, right?


Good. I want you to get noticed too. Before I share some tips to get noticed, you need to know something super important: you’re pretty awesome. If you don’t believe me, take five minutes to answer these questions:


– What three things do you like about yourself?

– What three things do your friends, family, and colleagues like about you?

– What single moment are you MOST proud of?


Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, take a moment to jot down a few notes on your iphone or a piece of paper.


I’ll share my answers with you:


– I like that I’m a positive thinker, a curious learner, and a yoga freak.

– People say I’m a good writer, a loyal friend, and a good listener.

– I’m MOST proud of moving to a new city after college and becoming independent.


Knowing the answers to these questions will help you get noticed. If you haven’t already, I hope you answer these questions for yourself. These answers reveal part of your character and value that people want to see when they meet you for the first time. These answers will help you get noticed. I’m serious.


Ready to learn three ways to get noticed in any social situation? Here they are:


1. Get in front of real people


This may seem obvious, but it shocks me to hear that people feel unnoticed when all they’ve been doing is hiding behind their laptop watching Netflix, Snap Chatting their friends from high school, and complaining to their coworkers that its so hard to meet people these days.


Yes, social media, applications and technology make it easier to communicate. However, that should not replace a real face-to-face interaction.


When people meet face-to-face, you break nonverbal and emotional barriers. People can see how you behave and actually take notice of your physical and mental appearance. This allows you to make a great first impression and be memorable by making an authentic interpersonal connection or having a deep, personal conversation.



2. Throw a verbal slap in the face


Even though we’d like to try otherwise, people automatically have expectations in new social situations. We draw conclusions about people based off what they’re wearing, what they say, how they talk, and how they carry themselves. What happens if you catch someone off guard by saying or doing something that’s unexpected?


Tim David, author of Magic Words, says the human brain only pays attention to interesting things. When you say interesting things, you get noticed. People remember you.


You’re probably thinking “I don’t have anything interesting to share with other people.” I call BS!!! Remember the questions you answered above? These things are interesting! These are the nuggets you can throw into your conversations with new people you meet. If you’re a yoga freak like me, talk about a crazy posture you tried the other day and how you fell on your butt when you tried to stand on one leg while crossing your hands behind your back.


3. Do more than what’s expected


It’s easy to do only what people expect us to do. Why bother going over and beyond to please other people when we’re not going to get anything in return?


By doing more than what’s expected, people know that you genuinely care about them. They know you have their best interest in mind. When you do more than what’s expected of you, you get noticed. People remember you.


You can always go over and beyond in any social situation. Here are a few ideas to get you noticed by other people:


  • Bring your favorite baked goods into the office to share with your colleagues.
  • Introduce your friend to a connection who is hiring or has a vacant apartment.
  • Recommend a life-changing book. Better yet, buy that book for them.
  • Throw a party at your house and treat your guests like first-class citizens.
  • Offer support by helping someone through a challenge or difficult situation.


These three tips are just a few ways to get noticed and destroy your feelings of being invisible and ignored. Getting people’s attention is not always easy, especially when you’re not feeling super confident or like you don’t have much to offer.


Allow me to remind you that YOU ARE AWESOME and you have many skills and talents that others would kill to have.