Positive Thinking Is Not What You Think It Is

Today, I’m talking about the power of positive thinking. If you think this is gonna be some mystical, airy fairy episode where I say that positive thoughts are the way to a better quality of life – you’ve got some major misconceptions and I’m gonna clear them up for you, so you’re not gonna want to miss this.


I’d like to introduce you to the concept of positive psychology. Positive psychology is the scientific study of your strengths that enable individuals just like you to thrive. The principles of positive psychology is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful lives and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.

From my own studies in positive psychology, I’m gonna reveal three ways that you can embrace positive psychology in your own life. But before I do this, we need to clarify a few things together.

First, the claim that you need to think happy things all the time is totally false.

There are gonna be times that difficult stuff happens like death, loss of a job, or getting rejected by someone that you ask out on a date.

Positive psychology suggests that you don’t ignore the crappy things that happen, the research and studies recommend that you highlight the behaviors that bring you joy and pleasure even in the midst of chaos, stress, and anxiety.

Also, positive psychology isn’t always the answer to treat and cure extreme cases of emotional stress. I’m a huge proponent of cognitive behavioral therapy to get through really hard times. So please do yourself a favor and see a therapist if that’s what you truly need.

Lastly, when we say “the power of positive thinking,” The word “thinking” is also very similar to the word behavior – so the strategies I’m going to share with you today will be all about changing your behavior to help you accept yourself unconditionally and bring out your most confident self.

Strategy number one: The power of positive thinking asks you to acknowledge the things you don’t like

If you don’t like the rain. Acknowledge it. If you don’t like the way you look when you look at yourself in the mirror? Acknowledge it. Write it down in a journal or tell a close friend that you don’t like these things. This isn’t about being negative, this is all about shedding light on what doesn’t bring you joy so you know what not to focus on.

Here’s a quote from our good friend Rumi! He says, “Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.”

So remember, the only way to get to the place of positivity is to acknowledge what really sucks.

Strategy number two: Acknowledge the things that give you joy!

So often you probably focus on what’s not working and you don’t give yourself enough credit for everything that actually does bring you pleasure. Do you like going for short jogs in the park while blasting musical theatre show tunes into your ear like I do? Or do you prefer to stay home to bake a cake for your colleagues instead of going out to the club? 5 things that I love to do that bring me joy include yoga, writing, reading books, going on hikes and going out to restaurants with my friends. These things bring me joy and I wouldn’t trade anything for these joyful activities.

Now it’s your turn. Take out a notebook and write down at least 5 things that bring you joy. Then if you wanna take this a step further, open your calendar and schedule time blocks for when you’ll actually do these activities.

The last strategy we’re gonna cover today is gratitude. Yes. Gratitude.

When I first learned this concept I thought it was a bunch of bs. It wasn’t until I started meditating and studying yoga that I realized the power of gratitude and it’s ability to help you have the quality of life that you want. You see, gratitude doesn’t have to be this great big insurmountable elephant in the room. In fact, gratitude shouldn’t be all that big.

Gratitude is your ability to recognize and honor the small things in life that make it whole and complete. Fresh water, the freedom to choose your friends, the ability to go outside and breath fresh air. These things have such a powerful force and it’s only possible to recognize what you’re grateful for once you become aware of what actually brings you joy like we covered in strategy two.

That’s the power of positive thinking!

Keep breathing and living in the present moment. Have a super day and I’ll see you soon.



PS – What brings you joy. Will you tell me in the comments below?

  • Paul Dicioccio

    Hummm… what brings me JOY?
    5 things. (drumroll).

    1. Sleeping/Lying in bed:

    My bed is my best friend, seriously Max, I enjoy the feeling of being cocooned underneath my warm, cushy, comfy sheets and blankies. My down-filled pillows are to die for, snuggling my cat George and whispering him sweet-nothings (in my usual kittie-kat baby voice).

    2. Taking nice long scenic drives:

    With my dog Basil and/or with a close friend.
    I think I was a tour bus driver in a previous lifetime- love to be in motion, as in, my vehicle being in motion and driving around beautiful places.

    3. Photography:

    Addicted to picture taking, mostly of beautiful things and places, anything that has to do with Nature, the sky, water.

    4. Food:

    I love to eat and eating is my love. For when I’m hungry, bored, happy, sad, horny…and everything in between. Italian food is the best, with Asian coming in 2nd and E Indian 3rd.

    5. Music:

    Especially dance/trance/electronica shit. Sometimes it keeps me up all nite— it’s my drug of choice- my only drug actually. My God that gets me high as a kite- specially wknd nites!!! Love listening to all sorts of music of course, new age, classical, rock, soft rock, retro (70’s/80’s/90’s), even country, depending on my mood.

    AND, you didn’t ask for it, my #6 greatest JOY Max, which is really my #1, but I did not want to risk you deleting my message right away…:

    6. SEX:

    I will spare the viewers an explanation of what this entails or why it brings me so much Joy!

    Cheers All, thanks for sharing a wonderful post today Max ;)

  • Paul! I love this on so many levels: They’re true, honest, and totally YOU! You are an inspiration to our community and we’re so lucky to have you :-)

    I can’t wait to meet Basil one of these days and dance to electronica music with ya.

    Cheers brother!


  • Paul Dicioccio

    Basil is getting old, cranky, a bit of a curmudgeon really, but he can sure bust a move when the conditions are right! As for the general spirit of my post? Fun-loving and pure unadulterated AUTHENCITY… it’s the way to go! Cheers man, and yes, we are kindred spirits on this beautiful journey ;)

  • Will you post pictures of your joyful animals in our private community? https://www.facebook.com/groups/YourSuccessLaunch/

  • Paul Dicioccio

    Absolutely! Just sent a request to join ;)

  • Access granted amigo :)

  • Clay Peet

    Last week I would have struggled to name one thing that brings me joy until finding this amazing site and the knowledge, support and wisdom within! Thank you Max!

    So, the things that bring me joy:

    – Snuggling in bed with my two cats ‘Moo’ and ‘Toad’ especially on the weekend when there is no time limit or work beckoning!

    – Cooking a tasty meal from a new recipe or creating something myself, then eating it either enjoying my own company or a close friend or two

    – Spending time in the garden either pottering around or doing major work, especially when there is produce to harvest. So rewarding to cook or eat homegrown fruit and veg.

    – Playstation gaming – nuff said!

    – Finishing my weekend chores and knowing I can relax and watch a movie or TV show, read, go for a walk, meditate, visit a close friend without any time constraints

    – Meditating and working towards inner peace and self love

    – Having a great workout at the gym, either yoga, weights or cardio and feeling energised

    So many others too, like photography, board games, movies, cheese making…..

    Once again, thanks Max! It’s been a revelation finding this community, I no longer feel so alone.

  • Hey Clay! This makes my heart sing in so many ways :) Thank you so much for writing out your joys and sharing with the community. We got your back to make sure you’re livin’ in joy continuously.

    Will you post some picture so of your kitties in the Facebook community? Yea?