Why Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work with Ariel and Shya Kane

In a world where people are constantly working on themselves or their partners to fix what they see as wrong or broken, Ariel and Shya Kane have introduced a new possibility for people. This possibility is called Instantaneous Transformation. The Kanes are committed to bringing people through the swamp of the mind and to the clarity and brilliance of the moment.

In this interview, we talk with Ariel and Shya about:

  • How this moment is the perfect moment
  • Three principles of instantaneous transformation
  • How these principles can transform lives

When you’re working on yourself, you’re never good enough and everything is an endless cycle of pain. We grew up in a culture where we think the future is going to be better and what you have now isn’t enough. But know that everyone has weaknesses, flaws and insecurities and when you get into the moment, you can use them as assets. Also, we can’t go to the past to make it better. So, if you get into the current time, your life transforms on its own.

Three principles of instantaneous transformation:

Anything you resist persists. If you disagree with someone, you take it home, lose sleep over it and it dominates your life.
Anything you allow to be completes itself. You can only be exactly where you are because that’s where you are.

Transformation requires no work or practices. Change is incremental, slow and linear. Transformation is effortless and you can have it right here in the moment.

Most of us listen to the voice in our head and believe that it is us. But we have to realize that it is a set of recordings that is based on the past and the future worry. Only listening can get you to the current time and it is how your life transforms. There are always big changes coming up in our life but if we become centered, things take care of themselves.

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